How to get random money on cash app 2022

Have you ever heard about getting some money on the Cash App?

Today, online transactions have become prevalent in our lives due to convenience and speediness. There are many popular mobile payment methods that most of us are using such as PayPal, Google Pay, or Cash App.

When it comes to Cash App, it is well-known as a safe and friendly-to-use payment app. You can easily do online transactions and buy cryptocurrencies and stock.

However, there are several forms of scams on Cash App you should be cautious of. One of them must be mentioned is the clearance fee on Cash App or someone sent users money on Cash App.

Recently, there is a most frequently asked question is “How to get random money on Cash App” and whether or not it is reliable and safe.

So, today in this post, I will give a thorough look at this question to find the best answer that you’re looking for.

If that question above is also your concern, the following guide will help you learn the procedure on how to get random money on Cash App. Let’s get started!

Sweepstakes on Cash App

Sweepstakes on Cash App

On special occasions, Cash App will organize sweepstakes and give users many different rewards. Winners in these games will receive money, bitcoin, or stocks as a reward with a blue checkmark adorned on their accounts. So, these games like sweepstakes held by Cash App are totally safe to participate in.

However, just keep in mind that sweepstakes on Cash App are accessible in the US. You should be also careful with fraud or scamming because Cash App does not ask you for personal information when joining the competition.

Sign up Cash App and get money

Another way to get random money on Cash App is by signing up on this app. You just take a few minutes to sign up with a referral code or invitation link from your friends. This will help both of you get some money on it.

However, Cash App will ask you to provide you with some personal information such as linking debit cards or bank accounts. Thanks for signing up on Cash App, you will get at least $5 for that.

Earn an invitation bonus by your referral codes

You can earn $5 easily on Cash App when you invite someone to sign up by using your referral code.

Getting some money by invitation is one of the common ways that you can see in many apps, not just Cash App. Inviting someone to use your referral code to sign up on Cash App also gives you a chance to receive up to $30.

To get an invitation bonus on Cash App, you’ll click on the Activity Tab right on the home page of Cash App, then select “Invite Friends” and opt for options available. When you get a referral code, send it to a friend and wait to get money.

The more friends you sign up with with your referral codes, the more money you make.

Bitcoin trading

bitcoin trading on cash app

On Cash App, you can completely buy and sell bitcoin to earn some money like stock trading as usual.

Anyone can make money in this way easily with the following steps on Cash App:

Buy Bitcoin on Cash App

Step 1: Click “Buy BTC” on the tab Bitcoin right on the app’s home screen. (Make sure that you have enough balance in your account on Cash App)

Step 2: Fill in your PIN number to “Confirm”.

Sell Bitcoin on Cash App:

Step 1: Select “Sell” on the Bitcoin tab on Cash App

Step 2: Fill in your PIN or use your ID to “Confirm”

That’s all! The process of trading Bitcoin on the Cash App doesn’t acquire too many steps to finish.

Stock trading

Like Bitcoin trading, there is no doubt that Cash App is accessible to invest in stocks. The minimum stock for trading on Cash App is $1. In other words, this way will not limit anyone who wants to trade stocks on Cash App.

A condition needed to invest in stocks in Cash App is you have to have a Cash App investing account. Users do not have to pay any charge for that and this app will not include commission fees for your investment. So you can freely trade stocks and earn more money without any charges. There is a condition that, however, Cash App investing is just available for those who are US citizens from 18 years old.

To trade stocks on Cash App, you will provide some personal information like your full name, date of birth, employment status, US residential address, social security number, and so on.

Request strangers for some money on Cash App

Request strangers for some money on Cash App

If it is the first time using Cash App, you may not know that you can ask for some money from random users on this app. And there is no doubt that it will be up to them to accept or refuse your request.

To earn random money like this, please follow this simple guide:

Step 1: Tab on the symbol of “$” on the app’s home screen and fill in how much money you want to request.

Step 2: Choose a random user you want to request the money from the suggestion list on Cash App.

Step 3: Fill in the random request with the button “Request” and wait for a generous person to accept your request.

Final Thought

Overall, getting some money on Cash App is not something impossible. You can totally join some of the app’s sweepstakes to receive some rewards.

In addition, you also earn money on Cash App by stock and bitcoin trading or by using Cash Card Boosts to save some money in your account on this app. Hopefully, this article will help you clarify the question of getting some money on the Cash App.

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