How to make big shoes fit: The ultimate tutorial to follow

Most of us sometimes will encounter several issues with shoes at least once. There are many problems to list here. It can be too large or small for your feet due to the manufacturer’s shoe size design or the wrong size for your feet. There is no doubt that you are placed in a tricky situation with a shoe that doesn’t fit your feet.

wearing big shoes to your size

Referring to big shoes for your feet, you may have difficulty moving, and some painful issues. Finding some techniques to fix this problem will help you be more proactive in dealing with your shoe size problems.

In the previous article, we’ve guided you on how to shrink shoes successfully. You must have learned some helpful hacks to deal with your shoe when it doesn’t fit your feet. Today, CouponXOO would love to give you more details about how to make big shoes fit with simple tips and tricks.

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Insert the empty space of shoes

One of the speediest ways to deal with your big shoes is to fill something else in the space of shoes. It is also a great idea for those who don’t want to take their time to do some steps to make shoes fit their sizes.

If you are in one of these situations, here is an easy tip that you should try. You can take some toilet paper, tissues, or cotton pads and fill the empty space at the tip of the shoe.

Filling something into the empty space will help you avoid sliding between the back and the front of the shoes. You can apply this tip to close-toed heels to make them fit with your feet.

Keep in mind that you can take these stuff out of your shoes when you take them off effortlessly because they can smell very fast.

Wear more socks

wear multiple socks to make big shoes fit

Maybe you will no longer be surprised when we list this tip as a way to make big shoes fit. However, it really works. For big shoes, you can try wearing multiple socks. A thicker layer of socks will fill up the empty space of your big shoes. Indeed, it really makes big shoes fitter and gives you more stability.

However, this is not an optimum way to deal with big shoes. It will be up to the weather at that moment as well as how big your shoes are. If your shoes are too much loose or it is on summer days, you definitely use socks to make your big shoes fit.

You also remember to clean your shoes if they smell.

Shoe Inserts

shoe inserts to make big shoes fit

Using shoe inserts is a great idea that you can choose if your shoes are too big. In addition to making your shoes fit, shoe inserts can support your feet a lot. However, you should know that they will not be the permanent solution to your problem.

So, you can not opt for latex foam or gel insoles inserts that can damage your shoes because these fight for a long time. However, it must be admitted that they can comfy your feet and make your big shoes fit perfectly.

Keep in mind that this technique is available to use while you are filling extra insoles into your shoes.

Use shoe tongue pads

Shoe tongue pads are probably not too strange for women because of their miracle benefits. They will be a perfect choice for oxfords, sneakers, or loafers to make big shoes fit with shoe tongue pads.

Let’s try this hack and see how shoe tongue pads can help your fee wear perfect shoes.

How can I make my big shoes fit without adding insoles?

make my big shoes fit without adding insoles

If there is too much space in your shoes, adding insoles into them is not the ideal way. There are many different ways that you can try to make big shoes fit.

Let’s have a check whether you can modify the lacing to reduce some slack or not. You can also add some tissue paper to fill in the empty space and make your shoes feel snug.

Wearing more socks also makes your big shoes fit slightly and more comfortably.


Is there any problem if I have smaller or bigger shoes than my shoe size?

In case your shoes don’t fit your feet, it’ll be better to choose a bigger size. You can’t make smaller shoes looser to fit your feet, but bigger shoes can have some ways to make them fit. Should your shoes be bigger than your feet size, don’t worry and try several tips we’ve recommended above to make them fitter.

How much space should you leave at the shoe’s heel?

Well, you should make sure you know the width of your thumb from the toe to the toe. If they are too tight, it means that that width does not fit.

The bottom line

Above are the simple hacks about how to make big shoes fit that you can refer to. If you had tried one of these tips above, share with us your experiences and other readers know and tell us which tips you like the best.

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