How to Make Presentation Video with Wondershare

Part1. Why you will need to make presentation video?

Every day, PowerPoint introductions are reportedly delivered to 35 million people. A PowerPoint presentation is one of the most well-known formats for presenting information that may captivate your audience and aid in their better understanding of various concepts, whether you’re presenting in a corporate boardroom or a secondary school classroom. If you can figure out how to video film yourself opening a PowerPoint presentation, you can wow your classmates or coworkers. A good PowerPoint presentation requires labor to create, present, and record, despite the fact that some people are well aware of this.

Your video-based PowerPoint presentation should be tailored to the appropriate material. If you want to include video portrayals, be sure to allocate room in your strategy for them. To make your material easier to read, use basic foundation plans. Make a video tape with a depiction out of a slide show. You record the presentation using PowerPoint, then share it with your audience so they may see it as a PowerPoint Show or a video. This guide explains how to make an important PowerPoint presentation, convert your PowerPoint slides into a video, and record a PowerPoint presentation in HD – All with a handy toolkit. So, without any further ado, to create a voice-over presentation on your PC using the Office PowerPoint tool, use the steps below.

Part2. Best Presentation Background Templates

Best Presentation Background Templates

  1. Solid Color or Gradient Color

Simple color transitions between two or more colors constitute a gradient. How distinct or subtle a gradient is depending on how those tones are separated from one another, or how their colors fluctuate. You may improve your designs’ elegance, depth, brightness, texture, and appeal by using gradient colors. Shapes, lines, and backgrounds are just a few PowerPoint items that may employ gradients.

Solid Color or Gradient Color

  1. Metaverse

A cutting-edge presenting method using 3D forms creates the illusion of virtual reality. Users may change PowerPoint presentations to emphasize their business ventures, original ideas, and metaverse-related information. This presentation’s future concepts and every element of its visual design are entirely editable. The network of 3D virtual worlds known as the Metaverse aims to foster social ties. The metaverse combines augmented, virtual, and physical reality. It combines in-person and internet communication.


  1. Classic Indoor

Use this template to create a new presentation and examine the impact presentation style has on how your audience interprets the content. Your artwork will be balanced with square lines and geometrical forms. You may be able to deliver a message that is interesting and intriguing by using images. With Wondershare DemoCreator, everything is aesthetically appealing and simple to read thanks to clear backdrops and large headline fonts. This pursuit of elegance, which is ideal for presentations relating to business, sales, or marketing, heavily relies on the color scheme.

Classic Indoor

  1. Impressionistic Canvas Series

It’s important to communicate with new hires since they definitely feel overwhelmed with information on their first day. With DemoCreator, Bright symbols and graphics are used in this onboarding presentation to make the content more interesting.

Impressionistic Canvas Series

  1. Candy Land Series

In this template, the population of Candy Land is driven mad by riots brought on by sugar rushes and a shortage of vegetables. Vegetables are greatly sought after in the community since sugar is the primary food source.

Candy Land Series

  1. Golden Sunset View

On the ppt slide, there is a picture of a lonesome guy sailing and a gorgeous lakeside sunset. It’s easy to create a PowerPoint presentation on hobbies, entertainment, and marine life.

Golden Sunset View

Part3. How to use DemoCreator

You may either record a presentation while you’re giving it in order to use the flipped classroom style or to have it accessible on demand. While there are several methods to record a presentation, I’ll share with you my preferred method for making a PowerPoint presentation with audio and video that is of the highest quality.

Step 1: Launch DemoCreator Recorder

Setting up the DemoCreator program is the initial step in recording the presentation. You must configure the camera, audio, and screen after installing DemoCreator’s setup in order to change the recording choices.

In order to utilize the flipped mode of the online session at real-time, you must begin recording the presentation in this phase. Choose a recording region, choose a frame rate, and then start the screen, microphone, or webcam recording instantly or clearly.

How to use DemoCreator

Step 2: Import the Media

Additionally, you may import your PowerPoint and edit it in DemoCreator. Editing the video presentation enhances the video; using the DemoCreator to edit your presentation’s video makes it more appealing, innovative, and professional-looking.

Import the Media

Step 3: Go for the Editor

With DemoCreator’s voiceover feature and a microphone, you can add narration. This is how:

Add Annotations:

By adding additional features like words, pictures, or drawings, annotations give films a more educational appearance. The audience is involved in the material. To provide a brief summary, conclusions, or information relevant to the presentation screen, you may put an annotation (text boxes) on top of an image or a screen. You may pick the annotation icon on the left side by clicking on it.

Add Annotations

Add Captions:

By adding captions, you may improve the video and give it a more professional appearance. It aids in beautifully expressing ideas, emotions, and feelings. Using 0 you may add a caption with different designs, colors, styles, and other effects.

Add Captions

Audio Editing:

After you’ve finished editing, you may give your video a polished look by adding audio narration. To make the audio and video flow together, you may slow down the clip and lengthen the frame. When you’re through with the storyboard and screenplay, start narrating. DemoCreator is really helpful in this aspect. It is an integrated function that is extremely simple to utilize. Using the screen recorder in Wondershare DemoCreator, you can also add your voice-over.

Audio Editing

Step 4: Export the Masterpiece

After finishing the educational video’s production and editing, you may now save it for social media sharing. The file may be saved as an MP3, WMV, AVI, MOV, GIF, or MP4 file.

Export the Masterpiece

Part4. How to Record & Demo video

To make your presentation videos more engaging, you might need to use the Record and Demo tool of DemoCreator. Here’s how:

1. Add Pointer

Launch the Record and Demo functionality from the main UI and refer to the pointer feature to add pointers inside your presentation.

2. Add Pen

You can also use the Pen feature to write on the presentation slides in real-time.

3. Add Text

You may add titles to your videos to make them more distinctive from other video material. Hit the Titles button in the vertical bar of the Wondershare DemoCreator video editor’s software interface to add titles to your videos. Here, you may quickly introduce text animations. You may easily choose your preferred text motion setting by going to the Titles menu.

4. Add Whiteboard

You may also use the software’s Preview window to check the animation you’ve chosen before adding it to the timeline with a simple drag-and-drop operation. A significant advantage of Wondershare DemoCreator’s effects is that it intelligently detects whiteboard action and apply the chosen effect to your material.

5. Add Sounds Effect

Using the speed control option on the interface’s right side, you may add slow motion audio effect to your recordings. Further, with the DemoCreator’s denoise tool, you may additionally improve the clarity of your voice to your desired extent.

6. Add Transitions

You may create a transition from the Video Effects tab that will automatically play in the appropriate docking station. When you include a transition, the diamond’s hue changes to orange. The half-diamond at the start of the Video/Audio Track indicates that a transition might be placed at the beginning of the first clip.

Part5. How to Add Camera Effects with DemoCreator Editor

Playing with the effects is the utter creativity that you can enjoy with the DemoCreator. Here are the steps that you can follow to learn how to add Effects right to your Camera.

  1. 1. Visit Camera Menu Bar

You may apply as many effects as you want to your films, which will produce a magnificent final product that your audience is sure to appreciate. Go directly to the Camera> AI Recognition Effect option on the program interface as follows to access the effects library:

How to Add Camera Effects with DemoCreator Editor

  1. 2. Customize Dressing

You can also apply Dressing of your Avatar as per your customizations. Simply open the Dressing tab from the Camera menu and adjust the plethora of customizations as shown below:

Customize Dressing

  1. 3. Pick your Favorite Filter

The next on the tab is Filter, you can pick your desired filter to apply on your Camera in real-time. DemoCreator has a plethora of filters available to use as shown below:

Pick your Favorite Filter

  1. 4. Share to Favorite Platform

Lastly, DemoCreator features a straightforward user interface (UX), needing just a single click to record without requiring much learning or adaptation. You are now ready to transmit your video after completing the video recording production and editing. Your document will be sent as a video file in a variety of configurations, including MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MKV, TS, WEBM, and M4A.

Share to Favorite Platform

In the upper right corner of the screen, choose Export. From the drop-down menu, choose the appropriate video settings. Choose the FastExport option that is available to you within the Media library of software interface as shown below to move the problem-free product to your preferred location inside your PC.

Part6. Conclusion

Online courses are presently preferred by a growing number of people over the traditional, unconnected manner of learning. In order for their students to view them separately, online course providers may need to broadcast or record their lectures. You may add images, tables, graphs, audio, links, and other types of information to your PowerPoint presentation in addition to the message to really make it stand out. Even if you’re not the pro-editor, you can create a professional-looking presentation using the program’s easy-to-use features and included layouts. Follow the above methodology to embark on your presentation video projects with DemoCreator.