How to open locked Samsung J5 phone and other Androids: Insight for emergency

Nowadays, all smartphones are equipped with cutting edge technology in terms of security. Multi layers of passwords and biometric securities make it almost impossible to break into your data, and sometimes too hard, even for the owners.

It has become a common thing in this era for people to forget their own password and accidentally lock their phone. Sound familiar? If you are one of those who are having trouble finding a way on how to open locked Samsung J5 phone, you are in the right place.

In this article, will walk you through the whole process of how to open locked Samsung J5 phone as well as other Android devices. We will show you 3 easy executing ways to unlock Samsung J5 phone, as an example for other devices.

1. What to do if you forget your password? How to open locked Samsung J5 phone?

How to open locked Samsung J5 phone

Samsung is a major brand known for their consideration towards their customers. They have been able to balance the need for device security, preventing unauthorized access and still allow easy access for legitimate demand, even when they have forgotten their password.

To achieve this, Samsung has cooperated with Google to come up with methods that allow Samsung users to unlock their phone as long as they can meet some of the basic requirements.

Currently, there are three main ways of how to open locked Samsung J5 phone:

– Method 1: Using Android Device Manager

– Method 2: Remotely unlock with Find My Mobile

– Method 3: Factory or Master Reset

Now, let’s have a closer look at each method to fully understand them.

2. How to open locked Samsung J5 phone using Android Device Manager

How to open locked Samsung J5 phone - Android Device Manager

This should be the first option that you need to try as it uses Google’s own remote access to your device. Android Device Manager is developed by Google themselves. This allows users to access their devices remotely, and this also means that you can only use Android Device Manager when you have previously logged in your Google account on your phone.

There also other basic requirements before using Android Device Manager:

– Make sure that your phone is on

– Guarantee stable wifi connection or mobile data

– Turn on your phone’s GPS or location. In case this is not available, there is a chance that Android Device Manager still works without this.

Here are the simple steps on how to open locked Samsung J5 phone using Android Device Manager:

– Step 1: Open Android Device Manager on your computer or another smartphone.

– Step 2: Navigate your Galaxy Galaxy J5.

– Step 3: Enable Lock & Erase.

– Step 4: Follow the prompts to unlock your phone.

– Step 5: Set a temporary password.

– Step 6: Enter the temporary password that you just set on your J5.

– Step 7: Set a new password.

And now you are good to go. Note your new password somewhere you can easily reach whenever you need it.

3. Unlock your Galaxy J5 screen with Samsung’s Find My Mobile

How to open locked Samsung J5 phone - Samsung's Find My Mobile

In case you haven’t signed in your Google Account or you are unable to use ADM for some reason, there is another way you can try. That is to unlock the screen via Samsung’s Find My Mobile feature.

In order to use this, it is crucial that you have registered your device in Find My Mobile website or their service prior to the moment you forgot your password.

Similar to ADM, the Find My Mobile also requires some small requirements:

– Make sure to previously enable Find My Mobile

– Enable Google Location

– Stable Wifi or Mobile Data

Follow these instructions to open locked Samsung J5 phone:

– Step 1: From your computer, open Samsung’s Find My Mobile website and log in.

– Step 2: Choose your device. In case you have registered multiple devices, make sure that you have chosen the right one.

– Step 3: Click on the arrow icon to start searching for your device.

– Step 4: When your device has been located, click on Unlock My Device.

– Step 5: Enter your Samsung Account password.

– Step 6: Choose Unlock.

And voila!! The work is done.

4. Extreme measurement: Factory reset

If the first two options fail for whatever reason, it’s time for the extreme measurement, which is factory reset.

How to open locked Samsung J5 phone - Factory Reset

Why is this an extreme measurement you ask? Factory reset will wipe out all of your device’s data, including all information, apps, images, etc. Therefore, backup your data is a necessary thing to do prior to factory reset.

Note in mind that if there’s a Google Account logged in to your device, you MUST remember the username and password after doing factory reset. If not, your device will be locked forever due to Factory Reset Protection.

Here is how to do a factory reset your Galaxy J5:

– Step 1: Shut down your Samsung Galaxy J5.

– Step 2: Hold down the Volume Up and the Home button, and then hold down the Power Key.

– Step 3: Keep pressing on these three buttons and when the line Samsung Galaxy J5 is shown, release the Power Key and continue holding the other two.

– Step 4: Keep pressing on the other two buttons until the Android Logo is shown, then you can release.

– Step 5: Wait for the system update to be installed (this might take from 30 to 60 seconds)

– Step 6: Use the Volume Down Key to navigate the options. Click on Yes — delete all user data and press the Power Key to select the option.

– Step 7: When the process is complete, click on Reboot system now to restart the device

The process may take a while to complete but don’t worry. Just wait until it is finished and you are good to go.

5. Conclusion

Here are the answers to the question “How to open locked Samsung J5 phone?”. We hope that through this article, we have provided some useful knowledge about unlocking Samsung J5 phones. For now, thank you so much for reading. We hope you have a great day!!!