How To Record Your webcam for Free 2022

In this digitized era, recording webcams for different purposes daily has become a daily part of lives, especially with the emergence of covid-19. Things are getting more complex as our workload and academic life have been shifted to the Internet.

In this article, we will introduce you to the most prestigious solution of the years 2021 and 2022 to record screen and edit videos and significant of all recording the web cameras

While Recording Presentations

All our workload is now on the Internet, and we are using the handiest applications that are helping us communicate and work professionally. These applications include Office 365, MS Teams, Zoom, Skype, etc. But, all these applications also include a feature in which we can present our slides and give presentations.

To record those presentations while being delivered in work from home environment is vital for note-taking purposes and for asking some questions. In essence, you will always require a sound webcam recorder or screen recorder to tackle this problem.

Record lectures, lessons, and training

Let’s look at the lives of social media content creators. These people used webcams and a recorder even before the pandemic for content creation and streaming purposes. We mentioned them here because many social media content creators face tons of problems while the content creation is due to the screen or webcam recorders.

So, in this article, we will recommend a good solution.

Due to this pandemic, the teachers are the most affected entities because they have to do double work to teach their audiences. A teacher who teaches from home due to lockdown first makes lectures through screen and webcam recording and then teaches the content.

And making lectures online is the most stressful work when you don’t use the right solution.

Record online meetings

All our potential conferences, business meetings, political rallies happen in the online meetings with the help of the best applications that emerged with the beginning of the Covid.

Recording those meetings for the media briefings and personal and public records is essential, so a webcam or a sound screen recorder again comes at this point.

People also meet with their friends, loved ones, relatives, etc., in online meetings using the same applications used in professional work. So they are also required to record those meetings to save them as good or bad memories.

Record videos to support remote onboard

HR managers and recruiters also use webcams to support remote onboard and communicate with remote workers to take their records. These potential meetings also need to be recorded from time to time to manage them efficiently.

Some employees work from different countries away from the company’s country. To tackle this problem, famous software companies like Microsoft, Amazon, etc., have introduced some solutions but still, we need to record meetings while managing the employees using these solutions.

Make video tutorials for software

When new software is introduced in the market as a potential product, the developers of those software write some documentation for the ease of people so they can use the software product correctly without any stress.

Most of the time, written documentation is not playing a helpful part. So, the developers have to make video tutorials to teach the users around the world in different languages. The suitable webcam recorder is what the tutorial makers use to produce quality content.

Share knowledge with remote teammates in how-to videos.

An excellent webcam recorder not only plays an essential role in software development but also in talent and knowledge-sharing purposes. You can see thousands of channels on YouTube, the content creators use webcam recorders while presenting themselves to make documentaries for us.

In professional or academic life, when our colleague or friend gets stuck in a problem, we give them a recorded video lecture using the webcam recorders to tackle their problems.

Record product demonstrations

Many entrepreneurs, while launching their product in this pandemic era, just used the tutorial type demonstration to introduce the product and its features to the public and investors. So, they also need webcam recorders to record the presentations.

Troubleshoot issues remotely with IT

The people in the IT department help the non-technical employees who work from home to tackle the IT and network issues using the presentation of themselves. A webcam recorder also plays a crucial role here.

Collaborate on creative assets

An excellent webcam recorder is also needed while collaborating with the team. It is part of daily business operations.

Enough of the situations that make you record your webcam. Now, we are cherished to announce to you the best application of the years 2021 and 2022 that will help you all in your recording and editing tasks.

What Can You Do with DemoCreator?

DemoCreator is the magical solution developed by the well-known organization Wondershare. DemoCreator is a powerful screen and webcam recorder. The application is so powerful that it integrates a fantastic video editor and a dazzling screen, webcam, and microphone recorder in a single application.

  • Powerful screen and audio recording: You can record screen, audio and webcam easily with DemoCreator. You can set the frame rate and resolution, adjust the encoder and shortcuts.
  • Easy to use Video Editor: When we talk about the application’s video editor, it is full of exciting features; you can add texts, annotations, captions, transitions, filters, stickers, backgrounds, pieces of music, etc.
  • Audio Editing Features: With the application’s audio editing, you can add or remove a voice from the background, audio fade in and fade out, add voice overs, etc. The application is so advanced that it integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning models.
  • Advance Recording options: With the recording functionality of the DemoCreator, you can record any type and any size of the screen, along with a webcam and microphone. The application includes hundreds of features for the recording section, like you can write on the screen, add highlighters, colors, magnification, arrow, etc.

How to Record Screen with DemoCreator?

The recording screen with DemoCreator is convenient. All you have to do is download and install the application and open it.

  • After opening the application, a window will appear asking you to select the editing and recording option. The options include Screen + Webcam, Screen Only, Game Mode, Edit Video.

  • Select the Start a Record Project option in this case.
  • After selecting the option, a small horizontal window will appear to prompt you to set the configuration settings for Capture Area, System Audio, Microphone, Webcam.

  • After the settings, click on the red button to start your screen and webcam recording, click on the same red button to stop it. Or you can press F10 to start/pause the recording and F9 to pause/resume the recording.
  • To open the drawing tool feature, press Shift+Ctrl+D; it will make the taskbar appear on the screen.

Saving and Sharing Your Screen Recording

DemoCreator allows you to share your editing and recordings efficiently. You can save them on your local storage or share them directly on YouTube.

  • Click on the Export button.
  • You can choose the export format, set the resolution, and frame rate. You can also directly upload to YouTube or save in the local storage.
  • DemoCreator now comes with add-on animated explainer Video maker- Anireel and online video recorder- DemoAir. You can also share video to the cloud.


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