How to setup Samsung Galaxy A32: Tips you should know

The Samsung Galaxy A32 is one of the top quality mid-range smartphones, with many upgrades compared with its predecessor Galaxy A31, from the hardware, design to user experience.

There’s no surprise that many people will favor the Galaxy A32 due to its cheap price and wonderful performance. However, setting up a new smartphone might be a problem for some. In this “How to setup Samsung Galaxy A32: Tips you should know” article, will walk you through the process of how to setup Samsung Galaxy A32 step-by-step. Now let’s begin

1. How to setup Samsung Galaxy A32

Step 1: Select your language

First time turning on Samsung Galaxy A32, or after a hard reset, Samsung system will walk you through the setup process. Choose the language that you want, then click Start.

How to setup Samsung Galaxy A32 - Language

Step 2: Terms and Conditions

Make sure that you have understood Samsung Terms of Service , Privacy Policy, ending of Diagnostic Data and Information Linking. If you agree to those terms, choose the desired Circles then click Next.

Step 3: Wifi connection

How to setup Samsung Galaxy A32 - Wifi Connection

Choose your Wifi network and enter your password. Or if you want to connect to a hidden network, choose Add Network, enter the name of the network and the password. If you don’t need Wifi connection, choose skip to continue.

Step 4: Google Account

You should already have a Google account, since this will be required first time using any Android products. Plus, you will need this in the future in order to use Google Services like Gmail, CH Play, Google Maps, Google Office, etc.

If you have already had one, just go to Google account and your email or phone number, then your password and maybe a simple confirmation, and voila!!! You are good to go

In case you haven’t gotten a Google account, just simply click on Create Account, enter the fields with appropriate information and you are set.

If you want to proceed without setting up a Google account, choose skip. Although this is not recommended. Sooner or later you will have to use one of their service on your Samsung Galaxy A32, so make sure to set up your account as soon as possible.

After that, click Next to continue.

Step 5: Google Terms of Service

At this step, Google will show you their Terms of Service, Google Play Terms of Service and their Privacy Policy. You can review the information and then choose the desired option.

Step 6: Data restoration

You can choose whether to restore the data from your old phone or not. If you want, select your device and follow the prompts. If you don’t want to, just choose Don’t restore.

Step 7: Review Google services

Just simply review Google services prompt, then choose your desired switches. Select Accept when you are done.

Step 8: Screen lock setup

If you require security for your phone, you can start now. Click on your desired option and then follow the instruction for setup. If security is not required, select skip to proceed to the next step

Step 9: Review the Google Assistant, then choose Next.

Step 10: Review the Terms & Conditions, then click on I agree.

Step 11: Content transfer

This allow you to transfer all your content, accounts and data form the previous device to your new Samsung Galaxy A32. Select Start to begin the process. Follow the prompts to finish. Or choose Skip to pass the transfer process and proceed to the next step.

Step 12: Samsung account

How to setup Samsung Galaxy A32 - Samsung account

This is also as important as the Google account. And the process is similar. Enter your phone number or email and password to log in. Or click on create Samsung account and follow prompts to create your Samsung account. Or skip without a Samsung account, although this is also not recommended.

Step 13: Samsung Cloud restoration

If you wish to restore your Samsung Cloud data, just simply select your device and follow the prompts. Or choose Skip to pass the process.

Step 14: Click on Finish to complete the set up.

And that’s how to setup Samsung Galaxy A32. Easy as that.

2. How to setup Samsung Galaxy A32: Tips you might not know

Samsung Galaxy A32 also offer some really interesting features. After setting up, you should totally check this out.

2.1. Playing sounds through other devices

Let’s say you just found out about a new lovely piece of music or song that you really into, and you want to play this specific piece of music, without other sounds on your phone, through a device like a speakerphone or Bluetooth speaker. You can do by following these steps:

Go to Setting => Sounds and vibration => Sound App.

Click on Enable => Choose the device you want to play through and the work is done.

How to setup Samsung Galaxy A32 - Sound transfer

2.2. Notification effect

This is a fascinating feature. It allows you to add effect to your notifications. All you have to do is go to Setting => Notification => Short notification => Short pop-up => Enable the Edge screen light.

After that you choose whichever style you want. It’s up to you and your taste.

2.3. Samsung Dark Mode

How to setup Samsung Galaxy A32 - Dark mode

Not only does Dark Mode helps protecting your eyesight, it also give your home screen a brand new look. Here is how to enable Samsung Dark Mode:

Go to Setting => Home screen => enable Dark Mode

2.4. Game Launcher feature

How to setup Samsung Galaxy A32 - Game Launcher

Game Launcher is a feature that offer optimization of your gaming experience. To enable this feature, just go to Setting => Advance => Game Launcher => Turn on the switch and you are good to go.

3. Conclusion

Here is our instruction on how to setup Samsung Galaxy A32, follow that is some useful tips and tricks you can try and play with this phone. Let’s hope that with the information above, you can finally know how to setup Samsung Galaxy A32.

For now, thank you so much for reading. We hope you have a great day.