How to stop calls on iPhone without blocking: Useful hacks to make you comfortable

Have you ever been bothered by unwanted calls? Being called often by unknown numbers or people you don’t like will make you feel uncomfortable and extremely time-consuming. You will have to work to block these phone numbers, maybe 1-2 numbers but if even a lot of people call like that, what will you do? This article will help you deal with how to stop calls on iPhone without blocking. Let’s read it carefully!

Blocking phone calls is always the fastest way for you to stop being called by malicious phone numbers or people you find inappropriate. However, for some delicate reason, or because you just want your phone not to ring at that time, you’re looking for other ways than adding them to your blocked caller’s list. If the people you know call to see that you don’t pick up or receive a message that “cannot be reached”, they will easily know that they are blocked and feel extremely frustrated. This will cause many of your relationships to fall apart and create a lot of suspicions. They will wonder why you have to dodge their calls and keep asking for good explanations. At this time, many troubles and complications will come to you and you will have to find yourself clever ways to solve them. These things also take a lot of time for both parties and cause a lot of misunderstandings.

We will have the following cases and each clear treatment for them.

1. How to stop calls on iPhone without blocking by using Silent mode

One of the first simple ways we can think of is to set the phone to silent mode. With a silent ringtone, you will still receive a call but without your phone ringing.

First, open “Settings” > “Sound & Haptics”.

Choose “Ringtone” > “Tone Store”.

Next, using the search box, search for “Silent Ringtone” and download one from the list to set it as a ringtone.

Or you can go to the Assistive Touch section of the iPhone and select Mute to switch the phone to Silent mode to easily avoid being disturbed by calls.

2. How to stop calls on iPhone without blocking by choosing “Do Not Disturb” mode

This mode will turn off all call alerts and notifications. Your phone will continue to receive calls and notifications, but you will not be notified. This allows you to end calls without having to block them.

To enable this mode, you will open “Control Center” > Tap on the crescent moon icon > Go to “Settings” > “Do Not Disturb”. Then, under the “Phone” section, you will tap on “Allow Calls From”. Finally, you set it to “No One”.

Also, you can set the time for this mode by tapping and holding the crescent moon icon in the control center > Choose one of the time limit options from the list.

There is also a Favorites option if you do not want to choose “No One”. This part will enable you to listen to your list of allowed callers instead of those who are not in it. To activate it, you will tap “Allow Calls From” > set it to “Favorites”.

3. How to stop calls on iPhone without blocking by Airplane mode

If you find it too awkward to receive unexpected calls or you’re in a meeting that requires your focus, airplane mode is the best way to limit unnecessary noise and bring you professionalism in your work.

With this mode, the caller will be notified “user unreachable” message, and you do not have to block the caller. They see that maybe your phone is out of range, and won’t try to make any more calls.

To turn on airplane mode on your iPhone, you need to open “Control Center” and tap on the “Airplane” icon. The second way is that you can go to “Settings” > select “Airplane Mode”, and then you can have more time to focus on your other tasks.

4. How to stop calls on iPhone without blocking by using the “Call Blocker” App

Instead of directly blocking the caller on the phone log, or having so many spam calls from the salesman that you can’t take the trouble to block each number, Call Blocker will help you quickly handle this problem. Call Blocker can reject unwanted calls automatically and if you want to reject calls from anyone, you can just add the number to the blacklist and let Call Blocker do the job.

With privacy information security and effectiveness reviewed, Call Blocker can help you to limit unwanted fatigue and inhibitions from meaningless and continuous calls. However, this application has some limitations, when users shut off the app, they will still receive spam calls. Therefore, you can consider adding Call Blocker as a backup option for other options.

5. How to stop calls on iPhone without blocking by setting “Call Forwarding”

This is a way to forward incoming calls to another subscriber (landline, domestic mobile) or forward incoming calls to voicemail. Calls to your number are forwarded to another number, effectively preventing you from receiving calls without the need to block contacts. You need to open “Settings” > choose “Phone”, then tap on “Call Forwarding” under the “Calls” section.

You will toggle on “Call Forwarding”, and set up the forwarding number under “Forwarding To”.

6. How to stop calls on iPhone without blocking by finding the “Silence Unknown Callers” option on your iPhone

In addition to using the app, you can immediately take advantage of the available modes on the device. One of them to help avoid calls from strangers is Silence Unknown Callers. You just need to access “Settings” > choose “Phone” > tap on “Silence Unknown Callers” > turn it off. Then, you will not get a call ring, but the notifications of missed calls still appear in Recent Call logs. This mode helps you to selectively receive calls from familiar numbers instead of unknown or spam numbers.

7. How to stop calls on iPhone without blocking by clicking on a non-functional network

This method can change your phone to a signal-losing status. Go to Settings” > “Mobile Data”, then tap on “Network Selection” > Turn off “Automatic” > Opt for any network provider from the list other than your SIM card’s owner network.

Other calls will not reach your call notifications, as they only get the message “user unreachable”.

Bottom Line

Well, now you get enough information about how to stop calls on iPhone without blocking when receiving unwanted calls. These can make you feel extremely uncomfortable when you are busy with other jobs and also confused when you have to block each phone number. The above methods will help you to choose appropriate handling options and not cause misunderstandings for the parties.

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