How To Turn Off Game Mode Samsung TV: Interesting fact you may not know

Gamer or not, you must have experienced some of the weird settings on your Samsung TV. Not just Samsung, many other LCD TVs also offer different modes for multiple purposes, including game mode. If you are not a gamer and find that the gamer mode on your Samsung TV is too confusing, you can turn this game mode off.

In case you don’t know how to do that, is here to help. In this “How To Turn Off Game Mode Samsung TV?” article, we will explain the entire process with detail, as well as giving you some insight about this popular household appliance.

How to Turn Game Mode Off Samsung TV

Game mode is designed to make your TV faster. It allows the TV to render images faster, reducing lagging conditions.

You will not be able to notice this input lag, or delay while watching TV. However, for gamers, every frame matters if they want to win intense, competitive combats.

We will discuss that in a minute, but for now, let’s focus on how to turn off game mode Samsung TV. First, you should consider which model is your Samsung TV, since the settings keep changing with every model.

The 2014 Samsung TVs are made with easy access to game mode. On the TV’s Home screen, choose System option => Choose General => Locate the Game Mode and then turn it off (or on), depending on your need.

Similarly, you would do the same with the 2015 Samsung TVs. On your Home screen, choose MENU => Select System => Choose General => Locate the Game Mode and then turn it off (or on).

The process is gonna be different from the 2016 version. On the TV’s Home screen, open Settings =>  Choose Picture => Click on Special Viewing Mode => Locate the Game Mode and then turn it off (or on).

For the 2017 Samsung TVs, follow these simple steps to know how to turn off Game Mode Samsung TV.

Press the Home button on the remote control => Choose Settings (the gear icon) =>Choose General options => Choose External Device Manager => Locate the Game Mode Settings on the dropdown menu => Press Enter to turn it off.

How Does Game Mode Work

As we have mentioned earlier, game mode can minimize the input lag. This input lag is caused by the image processing. Normal human eyes usually can’t notice this since it’s only in milliseconds.

However, for gamers, this is crucial. Almost every gaming monitor has a high refresh rate and low input lag. This will prevent the disruption during high intensity combats.

The TV screen cannot be as crisp as PC gaming, however, Samsung always know how to please their users. With the game mode, the input lag will be reduced to minimum.


Here is the information about How To Turn Off Game Mode Samsung TV. Most users after experiencing this might find it annoying. However, as I have mentioned earlier, this is a tool created for a specific purpose, which aims specifically to the gamers. Therefore, this may not suit most users.

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