How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy A10 Bootloader: You should know to improve your device

Are you having trouble with unlocking SamSung Galaxy A10 BootLoader?. In this tutorial, we will show you guys the easiest way to Unlock BootLoader on SamSung Galaxy A10.

A bootloader which is a piece of code is locked by the phone manufacturer for security concerns.

We will guide you step by step to unlock the Bootloader on SamSung Galaxy A10 but remember that this tutorial is suitable for SamSung Galaxy A10 bootloader. Please, do not try the below steps on other phones.

About Samsung Galaxy A10

The display is 5.8 inches HD, with a resolution of 720 x 1520 pixels.

The SamSung Galaxy A10’s Exynos 7884 chipset is paired with 4GB of RAM and 32GB Storage.

You’ve got a Rear-facing camera of 13MP and a 5MP ultrawide selfie Camera.

The Samsung Galaxy A10’s battery life is about non-removable 3400 mAh.

What Is A Bootloader?

For security reasons, many smartphone manufacturers including SamSung have locked the bootloader of your phone. We know that ROMs, mods and custom files are an essential part of the Android experience but when a bootloader has locked, flashing custom ROMs, kernels, or root the phone is impossible.

So Unlocking Bootloader simply means accessing the way for installing custom recoveries such as TWRP recovery.

There are numerous benefits and drawbacks to unlocking the bootloader. Let’s go ahead and go over those points one by one!

What Are The Benefits? You Will Get When You Unlock The Bootloader On The Samsung Galaxy A10

The following are some advantages you can get when you unlock the bootloader on the SamSung Galaxy A10 smartphone:

– After unlocking the bootloader, the smartphone can be easily rooted.

– You can also install TWRP or CWM Recovery on your phone.

– You will also be able to install a variety of custom Roms on the phone.

– Finally, unlocking the bootloader on your Galaxy A32 smartphone will void the warranty.

What Are The Drawbacks? You Will Get When You Unlock The Bootloader On The Samsung Galaxy A10

Let’s talk about the disadvantages:

If you care about your phone’s warranty, please think carefully because the phone’s warranty will be voided when you unlock the bootloader. These things will happen if you unlock the bootloader

– Files may brick your phone while flashing.

– OTA updates can not sent to you when you unlock your smartphone’s bootloader

– When using the Google Play store or YouTube, you may encounter errors.

Easy Way To Unlock Bootloader On The SamSung Galaxy A10 

This method is simple because it does not necessarily require the use of a computer or laptop to carry out the steps. All of the steps can be completed within the device:

– First of all, charge your phone fully and open the Settings menu.

– Next, to enable USB Debugging you have to scroll down and tap on Setting>About>Software Information and find Build Number.

– Tap on the Build Number seven times to turn on the Developer Mode.

– And then go back to the Settings Menu and click on Developer Options.

– In the Developer Options, there is a toggle called OEM Unlocking. And then tap that toggle.

However, remember that before unlocking, you will be asked to perform a full factory reset on your smartphone, so make a backup of your data before proceeding.

Finally, the bootloader on the Galaxy A10 has been unlocked.

And here is a video about unlocking the Galaxy A10:

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