PDF to Word: Convert Files for Free Using SwifDoo PDF

PDF is a recognized file format that helps you read the contents better or just print it. For personal or business purposes, in many situations that you may need to convert your PDF to Word document, or convert Word to PDF. After converting your Word document to PDF, you can upload it to the Internet or send it via email. PDF converter is essential software when you want to convert PDF to Word. For the Windows version, there are many free PDF converters available on the Internet.

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In our case, a free PDF converter called SwifDoo PDF is the software you can choose. This converter fits your requirements and also provides some extra helpful functions.

Why We Need to Convert PDF to Word?

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a portable text file format enriched with graphics or hypertext elements. Thanks to saving in this format, we can be sure that our documents look – regardless of the system in which they are opened – as planned. This is because PDF is protected against spontaneous shifts in the text or the disappearance of information and graphics. We do not have such a guarantee when sending documents in the quite common Microsoft Word format.

Although PDF seems to be a standard in most cases, especially in the business world, sometimes recruiters ask for a Word format document. This could be a way to check your formatting predisposition. So make sure you actually did it right. Rarely, but sometimes it happens that the employer of a given recruiter did not anticipate the need to use PDF. Additionally, people asking for Word may simply be banned from installing free software like SwifDoo PDF for PDF reading on their own. Whatever the reason is, the applicant has no choice but to adapt.

Convert PDF to Word with SwifDoo PDF Software

SwifDoo PDF is a convenient program for viewing and converting PDF files, which is characterized by its small size and richness of functions. It is considered to be one of the lightest programs of its type, but it has enough features for the casual user who wants to view and edit PDF files. The program allows you to view documents in full screen and also print them with just a few clicks.

If you want to quickly and easily convert PDF to Word and vice versa, SwifDoo PDF might be for you. A wide variety of file types are supported, so you’re not limited to PDF and Word.

First, launch SwifDoo PDF program. On the top of the welcome window, click “PDF to Word“.

Then import a PDF file by clicking “Add Files” or “Open or drag files here”.

After importing the file, On the same screen, choose the Word document output format and where you want to save the new Word document in the Output Path, then click the “Start” button.

Your PDF file is now saved as a Word document, so open it in Word and go to editing.

Convert PDF to Word with SwifDoo PDF Converter Online?

The use of online converter is the simplest thing, it does not require installing any additional software and you get good results. You can also convert a PDF file to a Word document using the latest SwifDoo PDF Converter Online. It certainly works well enough for simple documents or when you only need documents for an editable format.

After selecting the appropriate conversion parameters, upload the file by pressing the “Choose file” button.

The next step is to download the converted Word file and open up with Word for a quick visit or edit.

Now that you’ve seen the best options to convert PDF to Word with SwifDoo PDF, be sure to test both and see which one suits you best.

More Features of SwifDoo PDF

  • Encrypt and decrypt PDF files.
  • Add watermark to converted PDF files.
  • Merge PDF with new files.
  • Help you make a high-quality printout of your converted PDF file.
  • E-sign PDF files

In Closing

A PDF document can be substantial due to multiple graphics and images that make a file larger. If you don’t need these graphics or photos, you can’t delete them in a PDF file. After converting your PDF file to like Word, you can delete graphics and images to decrease the file size. Once you’ve made the desired changes, feel free to convert these files back to PDF format to send them back to your customer.

Converting PDF to Word and vice versa is not easy for everyone. Fortunately, online converters are easy to use without any installation. If you are concerned about the security of converting PDF to Word or other formats, you should choose a reliable one like SwifDoo PDF.